Commercial Window Film & Tint

Window Film Options
Ceramic Series
LLumar® Vista™ Ceramic window film is a smart home improvement that stealthily improves indoor comfort. With the same low reflectivity as glass, it has a neutral look and maintains the natural glow of light coming through. This film also tames heat so you can reclaim even the sunniest spots, helps protect furnishings from 99% of fade-causing UV rays, and fights glare so it’s easy to see any electronic screen, anywhere. One of the other perks of Vista Ceramic window film is that it helps with energy savings, but costs considerably less than window replacement.
Spectrally Selective Series

Spectrally selective window film significantly improves the performance of the glass in your home, without the mess and expense of full window replacement. Known for excellent heat protection, energy savings and a natural look that lets in loads of light, spectrally selective film is an ideal choice for homeowners wanting good performance that can barely be seen.

LLumar® spectrally selective film comes in a range of shades from nearly clear to a subtle hint of neutral gray. Make your choice and expect multiple solar control benefits:

  • Ability to block more than 99% of skin- and interior-damaging UV rays
  • Eye-comforting glare reduction, and
  • Powerful heat control to help give your air conditioner a break.
Dual-Reflective Series

What is dual-reflective window film? It’s a sun-taming product applied to the inside of the glass in your home. LLumar® dual-reflective film blocks more than 99% of the UV rays that contribute to fading of finishes and furnishings, makes TV viewing in bright rooms more comfortable, and helps to keep heat out so you feel cooler, and your air conditioner runs less. It’s an especially good solution for large windows, because it provides solar control without compromising expansive views.

We back this film with a manufacturer’s limited warranty* to protect your investment. If you want the strong solar benefits of reflective film but would rather see what’s outside your windows than a reflection of your home’s interior, this film is for you.

Types Of Commercial Window Film & Tint
Solar Control Window Film
Windows allow natural light and expansive views, but the glass in buildings can have unforeseen drawbacks from excessive solar heat, glare, and harmful UV rays. Solar window film is an affordable glass upgrade that enhances buildings in any climate, costing just a fraction of full window replacement. By filtering much of the solar spectrum, LLumar® solar control film contributes to reduced energy use, helps prevent furnishings from fading and increases tenant comfort. Our films are powerful, durable solutions that can also enhance a building’s appearance inside or outside. Engineered to elevate the value and experience of a property by controlling costs and improving tenant productivity and satisfaction. Explore our full range of solar control film products to find the ideal solution for your property.
Decorative Window Film
Our thoughtfully curated line of decorative window film transforms the function and feel of commercial spaces by adding privacy, filtering light, and creating one-of-a-kind designs. Unlike specialty glass, decorative window film is budget-friendly and minimally disruptive when installing or removing. This makes it a smart space refresher when styles or clients change. Consider decorative privacy film for windows, partitions, doors, cabinets and even glass furniture. With frosted, gradient, and patterned film, you’re sure to find the creative inspiration or practical solution your commercial building project needs.
Safety & Security Window Film
Safety and security film helps defend what’s most valuable against break-ins, vandalism, accidents, storms, seismic tremors and blasts. It’s engineered for strength, using a heavy-duty polyester film that bonds to glass with strong adhesives. Once installed, this film provides low-profile defense for windows, glass doors, bathroom mirrors, elevator finishes and other vulnerable hard surfaces in commercial properties.
Benefits Of Commercial Window Film & Tint
Energy Efficiency
Just like insulation for your building, solar control window film offers thermal insulation for your windows. Control how much light and heat enters your building and reduce utility costs.
Comfort & Productivity
Increase comfort without paying for tinted glass for your building. Solar control window film is a fraction of the cost of tinted glass and offers many benefits including increased employee comfort and productivity.
UV Protection
Solar control window film helps block dangerous UV rays from entering your building. Help protect your interior furnishings fading and your occupants from skin cancer.
Corrects Temperature Imbalances
Window films can help eliminate hot and cold spots within a space through the strategic use of film that reduces heat gain coming through the glass in hot areas. This will create a more balanced temperature across the space and reduce the load on the HVAC system.

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